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Centre for BIM Research (CBR)

Digital transformation has been taking place for many years since the use of CAD technologies. Nevertheless, it has been accelerated in the last two decades when the Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies have been introduced and implemented in all aspects of a construction project from design, construction, operation, maintenance and end of life of a built asset. It brings a new dimension to the construction professionals, manufacturers and suppliers in the built environment; both in the workflow and creates a new collaborative working environment. BIM can provide solutions more than the CAD technologies in various ways for the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries. This has an impact on the demand for research in BIM and digital skill sets among the construction professionals, which had gained significant momentum in recent years.

The proposed BIM Research Centre is to explore the opportunities in conducting BIM research, consultancy, and to assist and support the practitioners, entrepreneurs, and supply chains in BIM implementation and adoption within the built environment as well as a knowledge hub for the research in BIM education, training, and implementation.


A centre for BIM research for the built environment practitioners and academics and an impartial industry-focussed BIM Centre for research, consultancy, and training in the region and nationwide.


Our Focus & Activities

The focus of this Centre is to produce high quality impartial industry-focussed BIM research, training and consultancy for the built environment practitioners and academics. Where necessary, the scope and deliveries will be focused on the Architecture, Engineering and Construction, suppliers and international research collaboration in BIM technologies, implementation and teaching and learning as the Centre’s main activities.

Centre for Construction Research (CCR)

The CCR acts as a one-stop centre or a platform to promote and conduct research activities pertaining to the built environment. Following TAR UMT research, development, and commercialisation initiative, CCR also acts as a drive to explore new ideas and possibilities, to deliver end products / techniques, and to nurture entrepreneurs-cum-researchers. 


To become an active and dynamic research centre in carrying out research / projects pertaining to the built environment.


The CCR is devoted to the fulfilment of scholarly and academic activities including, but not limited to the following:

Our Focus & Activities

The CCR explores and is open to any forms of collaboration with the AEC industry, universities, and researchers in R&D, training, teaching, and learning. Activities include the identification of specific research areas in the form of brain-storming sessions, training sessions, workshops, and seminars. 

Centre for Real Estate Research (CRER)

Real estate is one of the valuable assets owned by the government and public. However, the rapid urbanization has intensified the complexity in real estate management which subsequently require professional skills in property valuation and development, real estate agency practice and property management. The proposed research centre would explore the opportunities of providing consultancy services and establishing collaborative partnership with academics, practitioners, organisations or professional bodies. In addition, the Centre also provides research related training to FOBE staff and students in order to cultivate a strong research culture in the Faculty.


The Centre strives to become a premier research centre in the areas of real estate and policy and collaborate with world leading research centres in producing top tier research findings.


CRER aims to produce high quality and impactful research for strengthening the knowledge and skills among the real estate profession by:

Our Focus & Activities

The main focus of the Centre is to produce high research output and promote external collaboration. Hence, members of the Centre will actively participate in group research depending on their areas of specialization. Research, consultancy and training in real estate management will be the main theme of the Centre’s activities.

External Research Grant Projects

Impact of Broad Macroeconomic Conditions on NonPerforming Property Loans in the Banking Sector during and after the Covid-19 Pandemic

Principal researcher: Dr Tham Kuen Wei

Co-researcher(s): Dr Cheng Chin Tiong, Dr Alan Chong Kim Wing

Grant source: Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)

Grant amount: RM59,800

Duration: 2 years [1/10/2023 to 30/09/2025]

Integrated Framework For Community Engagement Experience In Architectural Education

Principal researcher: Datin Dr Nor Hayati binti Hussain

Co-researcher(s): Ar. Nurul Alia Ahamad (Taylor’s University), Ida Marlina Mazlan (UCSI University)

Grant source:  PAM Education Research Grant 2022 (PERG)

Grant amount: RM10,000.00

Duration: 11 December 2022 - 26 December 2023

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Knowledge Transfer Programme (KTP) Projects

Sustainable Schools Initiative-Empowering Future Builders At Sekolah Kebangsaan Wangsa Maju Seksyen 2

Main organiser: TAR UMT (FOBE)

Co-organiser: Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) Malaysia

Fund: RM13,560 by Wawasan Properties Development (M) Sdn Bhd (MOA signing in Q4 2023)

Duration of project in school: 17th October 2023 – 13th December 2023 *pre-briefing at school: 29 Sep 2023

Project leader: Ts. Ng Teck Wei

Team member: 

1. Ms Nafisah Binti Ya'cob @ Ya'acob

2. Dr Tan Tee How

3. Ts. Wong Foo Yeu

4. Ts. Hashdi Bin Abdul Muid

5. Ts. Dr Wong Wai Fang

6. Sr Dr Nur Fadzlina Aini Bt Mohmad Lehan

7. Ms Rozilah Binti Talib

8. Dr Lai Kong Seng8.

9. Sr Pang Khai Shuen

10. Ir. Low Yei Hua, CIOBM

11. Ts. Go Chee Siang, CIOBM



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Authors: Y.S. Gana, Sze-Teng Liong, Shih-Yuan Wang and Chin Tiong Cheng 

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Renewable Energy and Energy Saving: Worldwide Research Trends

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