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Chin Kean Loong

Recipient of the Professor Chin Fung Kee Memorial Prize, Academic Year 2021/22

Bachelor of Construction Management and Economics (Hons) - Graduated in 2022

"The Bachelor of Construction Management and Economics (Hons) is a constructive and wellstructured programme because it has implemented BIM into its curriculum. Today, BIM is a crucial skill set for construction management students so this highly relevant programme gives TAR UMT graduates an added advantage in a highly demanding and competitive industry.

In addition, FOBE has well-equipped laboratory facilities which creates a conducive learning environment for students to master BIM effectively. The lecturers demonstrated a high level of professionalism and expertise in imparting their knowledge, and the learning ecosystem helped me improve my soft skills in my three years at TAR UMT, which helped me start a career in Singapore.

Thank you TAR UMT!"

Chai Tze Qing

Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Hons) - Graduated in 2022

Diploma in Quantity Surveying – Graduated in 2020

TAR UC Book Prize Winner, Academic Year 2021/22

Recipient of the CIOB Certificate of Excellence 2022

"I will always be grateful for the support and help I received from everybody throughout my TAR UMT journey. TAR UMT did not only provide me with a bright career path, it also gave me an extraordinary study experience filled with exciting activities and events. Passing the exam with flying colours is not everything, TAR UMT taught me about communication, teamwork, time management, and other skills which made me who I am today. In addition, TAR UMT’s academic staff does more than just help you understand what a specific career path truly entails, they help you to understand how you can position yourself to succeed in the future."

Chew Gee Nee

Bachelor of Science in Architecture (Honours) – Graduated in 2022

Diploma in Architecture – Graduated in 2020

Dean’s List (202005, 202105, 202201 sessions)

TAR UC Book Prize Winner, Academic Year 2021/22

Recipient of the PAM Academic Excellence Award 2021 (Part 1)

"During my five-year education journey in TAR UMT, I thoroughly enjoyed studying thanks to the comprehensive and conducive teaching environment. With the guidance of dedicated and inspiring lecturers, I have acquired a greater perspective on architecture, design and the people we design for. As a result I have changed my approach to architecture, and it has greatly inspired me for my future professional training as an Architect. In 2021, with the support of my lecturers, I received a Top 3 placing in a national design competition and was selected for an Academic Excellence Award from the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM). This has further strengthened my belief that TAR UMT is an ideal institution for students to pursue their desired educational and career goals."

Lim Bing Yi

Bachelor of Construction Management and Economics (Hons) - TAR UC (2021)

Diploma in Technology (Building) - TAR UC (2019)

Secretary of Kung Fu Recreational Club (2020 - 2021)

Recipient of the CIOB Certificate of Excellence 2021

Recipient of the Professor Chin Fung Kee Memorial Award 2021

"My programme has not only equipped me with industry-relevant skills and knowledge but my passion for the construction industry has deepened. In addition to academic knowledge, my 4 years at TAR UC has also helped me grow as an individual. The exposure and experience I gained at TAR UC are truly memorable and have helped shape me into the person I am today. I do not regret choosing TAR UC!"

Denise Theresa Ting Hui Wen

Bachelor of Estate Management (Hons) - TAR UC (2021)

President of Real Estate Society (2018 - 2019)

"The past 4 years pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree at TAR UC has been a significant part of my life in terms of growing both my interest in real estate and personal development. My lecturers have displayed remarkable teaching capabilities which have equipped me well with the knowledge to tackle realworld challenges. On top of that, I was also able to nurture crucial soft skills during my time as the President of the Real Estate Society. TAR UC’s conducive learning environment and facilities have helped me greatly in my studies. I have met wonderful friends as well as experienced a vibrant campus lifestyle. I will always be a proud TARCian and am honoured to call this place my alma mater."

Sean Loh Hanyan

Master in Architecture – TAR UC (present)

Bachelor of Science in Architecture (Honours) – TAR UC (2020)

Diploma in Architecture – TAR UC (2018)

"I entered TAR UC at Diploma level and now I am pursuing my Master’s Degree. My TAR UC experience has been constructive, comprehensive and wholesome. The academic staff are committed and dedicated to the well-being and growth of students by sharing their knowledge and nurturing us to aim for excellence. My overall study experience at TAR UC has helped me build a strong foundation in academic knowledge and important skills and competencies. This has helped me to take on a wider range of projects and opened up more opportunities for me while I was working. This is also one of the reasons I returned to TAR UC to further my studies."